That did the trick.
So all I had to do is find and read the relevant log files.
A good lesson! Thank you and  hag sameach.

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> Thank you Didi.
> The servers are in a remote datacenter so a PC is not really an option.

It is, for practicing and testing what you intend to do there.

> I hope the logs will be of help, please see attached.

There are tons of errors there,
"UnknownHostException:" and

Did you check your dns/name resolution?

If this works (that is, you can ping/ssh/etc both hosts from the engine, with 
these names), please give more details:
1. Names of all relevant entities (hosts, engine machine, storage, storage 
domains, etc) 2. The action you are trying to take 3. The exact time you do 
that 4. Logs that include that point in time

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