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Hi all,

There is any reason to choose to install a CentOS 6/7 and add it to oVirt
Manager instead of an oVirt Node ? It's just for managability or there is
other technical reasons ?

oVirt Node is a 'ready to go' option, as soon you complete the installation it will have all packages needed for the hypervisor in a read-only OS (focused in oVirt), using less space possible. It also contain the Text User Interface (TUI) that helps administrators to do management tasks, like initial network, hosted-engine, etc. On the other hand, adding CentOS/Fedora and others distros as hypervisor via Engine will automatically download the packages needed. In this case, configuring hosted-engine and others management options will obviously without the TUI.

To upgrade the ovirt-node as read-only distro, you can:

- boot the new iso into the system
- Download and install the new ovirt-node RPM into engine and trigger the upgrade via engine.

We provide nightly builds for testing:

Fell free to reach us with your experience using the oVirt Node.

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