Il 23/06/2015 16:09, Simone Tiraboschi ha scritto:
export all the VMs from the all-in-one host
3. import them in the hosted-engine one
When everything is in the new one and you are sure that it's working you could 
clean the first host to get rid of all the all-in-one stuff and redeploy it as 
an hosted-engine additional host.

thank you for you replies and suggestions.

For suggestions of didi on CNAME effectively I did not think about it,
then I will apply.

For the migration I try to explain me better.

As in my previous mail, currently I have installed a server with ovirt engine 3.4.1 (all in one). The hostname is the same of the User Portal url and this is registered
in dns server (oveng.local).

Since I have an identical server to the 'all in one' server, I would like to migrare the entire structure to ovirt 3.5. For the new installation of ovirt-engine I thought to install it as a virtual machine on vmware vsphere.
Obviously adding also storage.

I explain better, I thought to create a new parallel infrastructure to the one that is currently installed, for migrate to a virtual macchine. I would like to use the current hostname for the user portal (oveng.local). Once the migration will be terminate I will re-install the old server (all in one) as a host of new structure.

To do this I thought to:
- change the hostname of the old server (aio) from oveng.local to ovengold.local.
- add a CNAME to the dns (as suggested by didi)
- install the new ovirt-engine on an our vmware vsphere structure with the CNAME modified
- configure the networking
- install the new server as a node and add it to the new new structure.
- add storage
- migrate the virtual macchines from old structure to the new structure.
- do the test
- if its work fine I shutdown the old server (aio)
- re-install the old server (aio) as a node and add it to the new new structure.

What do you think?

Best regards
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