The good news: there is an an option for this.
The bad news: Only replica 3 is supported. Other options are for development purposes.

[root@hv00 ~]# cat /etc/vdsm/vdsm.conf

# Only replica 3 is supported, this configuration is for development.
# Value is comma separated. For example, to allow replica 1 and
# replica 3, use 1,3.
allowed_replica_counts = 1,3


On 07/13/2015 05:08 PM, Konstantinos Christidis wrote:

I created (through oVirt web) a GlusterFS distributed volume with four bricks.

When I try to add a New Domain - GlusterFS Data I am getting
Error while executing action Add Storage Connection: Internal Engine Error
Error validating master storage domain: ('MD read error',)

Full logs
engine.log -
vdsm.log -

Gluster info/options -

ps: My installation seems to work only with replica-3 oVirt Optimized volumes. Every other combination fails with the error above.

Any help would be appreciated.


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