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> Hi All.
> As I was perusing my e-mails from this list earlier today one that
> caught my attention was one that had to do with ovirt-node and hosted
> engine.  It appeared as though it is possible to install hosted engine
> on a ovirt-node "host", and indeed, when I installed ovirt-node into a
> VirtualBox VM to poke around, there is a "hosted engine" option in the
> menu where you can enter a URL for an ISO/pxe source for OS installtion.


> I just want to clarify the following questions:
>   1.) Is it possible to install ovirt-node, and then install a hosted
> engine?


>   2.) If the answer to 1.) is "Yes", does it require some sort of
> NFS-enabled storage, or can you confgiure local storage on ovirt-node
> and install the engine to there?

Currently you can install hosted-engine on eitehr NFS or iSCSI storage

>   3.) Is it possible to create NFS-enabled storage on ovirt-node?

Maybe you technically can, but I can just strongly discourage to do that.

>   4.) Can you install the hosted engine onto external NFS storage, then
> move/migrate it to local storage on ovirt-node?

I strongly believe not.

> I am thinking of a "lab" situation where there is only one server, but
> gobs of RAM and storage.  Running ovirt-node as the "host" would require
> fewer space resources (not that I would necessarily be hurting for
> space, but any extra I could squeeze out would not be unwelcome).

Maybe this will work in future, when we can also configure some storage
server on Node. But for now that is not supported.

- fabian
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