AFAIK it is not the best practice from Gluster. 

I tested it using single node and it should work fine. 
everything depend on your traffic and configuration. 

For example, 
Single node with only one NIc is not the same as with multiple nics 
Using only one HDD for both OS and volumes or SSD for OS and another SSD for 

so... it depends on the setup... 

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> Subject: [ovirt-users] Storage question: single node gluster?

> Hi There,

> This is not strictly oVirt, but is storage-related, so hopefully you
> will indulge me?

> Is there any detriment (performance or otherwise) in setting up a
> single-node glusterFS storage? I know glusterFS is designed to be used
> with multiple nodes, but I am wondering if there are any ill-effects in
> configuring current storage as a single-node cluster, with the idea of
> possibly adding future nodes in the future?

> Thanks! :-)

> -Alan

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