After a crash disaster on march, saved thanks to Maor, I still have many 
problems to update my engine.
The target from the beginning is to migrate my oVirt manager hosted on a simple 
Desktop used to make a POC.
I have now a real server HP Proliant DL360 to install my definitive PROD 
environment :
 - 2 hosts with 64 Go of RAM CentOS 6.7 updated
 - 1 SAN bay with 12 To
 - 1 PC on CentOS 7 running a VM engine with oVirt under CentOS 6.7
This version of oVirt came from updating oVirt 3.4 (maybe the node of problems).
From the actual version, I couldn't finalize any update to 3.5.1  or now 3.5.3 
without error messages.
I have made a success try, if I make a clean install, without the postgresql 
data, and also tried to inject these data, but the engine failed after this 
So I was thinking that building a new manager on the physical server with 
CentOS 7.1 and oVirt 3.5.3 could resolve all my troubles...
Once again, last Friday I could success.
All seems to be OK :
- Creation of a new DC
- Creation of the Cluster
- Creation of the 2 hosts
- Networks, etc...
But when I import all the iSCSI Storage domains (containing all my VMs), 
everything is OK but each Storage Domains didn't show any VMs...
The only Storage that show an Import VM was my Test Storage of 10 Go with a 
test Vm created some days ago (so the track of the DC version 3.5 is not so bad)
All the VMs created when the DC version was 3.4 disappeared during the import.
Likely I made backups, so I had to restore the two hosts and the manager to 
find back my DC running on oVirt
I am pretty lost, and I really need help to migrate and also to be able to 
upgrade normally oVirt and finally validate after a long time the platform in 

One question :
- Is it correct to have the oVirt manager with CentOS 7.1 and the hosts with 
CentOS 6.7 ?

Thanks for your help or experiences with this kind of migration.

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