The oVirt Project is pleased to announce the availability
of the First Release Candidate of oVirt 3.5.5 for testing, as of September
17th, 2015.

This release is available now for
Red Hat Enterprise Linux 6.7, CentOS Linux 6.7 (or similar) and
Red Hat Enterprise Linux 7.1, CentOS Linux 7.1 (or similar).

This release supports Hypervisor Hosts running
Red Hat Enterprise Linux 7.1, CentOS Linux 7.1 (or similar), Fedora 21.

This release of oVirt 3.5.5 includes numerous bug fixes.
See the release notes [1] for an initial list of bugs fixed.

Please refer to release notes [1] for Installation / Upgrade instructions.
New oVirt Node ISO and oVirt Live ISO will be available soon as well[2].

Please note that mirrors[3] may need usually one day before being

Please refer to the release notes for known issues in this release.
Please test add yourself to the test page[4] if you're testing this release.


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