On 12/10/2015 1:56 AM, Nico wrote:


I got a question regarding the redundancy of oVirt Engine; where we can
control everything through the GUI; aka the vCenter.

Initially; my setup was on a single server; installed following the doc

Then after; i figured out that i would need redundancy; so i installed a
second node.

my question is about the vCenter; is it possible to start it on the
second node when the first node is down or in maintenance ? how to
ensure it is replicated ? i see there is a postgres DB on first node;
but not on second node. I'm a bit worried.

So, is it possible to have a dormant/slave ovirt ENGINE (oVirt web GUI )
; and if yes, could you point me to the related documentation as i
didn't find it.

Maybe, it is possible to run it in a VM ? is it a good idea ? and is it
still possible to migrate ?

The oVirt hosted-engine will do what you want. Have a read of the below.


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