Le 2015-10-12 09:09, Barak Korren a écrit : 

>> What that procedure describes is backing up an existing engine,
>> installing a new one and then restoring the backed up data into it.
>> This was probably written to describe migration from a stand-alone
>> engine host, not an AllInOne.
>> Theoretically this should work for your setup, but I am not sure if
>> the new hosted engine will be able to properly use the AllInOne node
>> as a hypervisor (it would probably depend on the copied configuration
>> containing enough details to allow the engine to connect to it over
>> the network. you will probably at the very last have to shut down the
>> existing engine before starting up the hosted engine)
>> I would suggest doing as many backups as you can before starting, and
>> performing the H.E. setup on a host that wasn't used by the existing
>> engine, that way if it fails you can just shut it down and bring your
>> old engine back up.

I got a backup running at this moment, scping
/gluster/ovirt/d44ee4b0-8d36-467a-9610-c682a618b698/images/ to a third

So, once done, i'll give a shot on the node2 which is running only VDSM
as Host agent. 

Hope all will be fine ! 
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