Hi Nir,

I have not tried to use Ovirt with Ceph, my question was about libvirt and was 
directed to ask the question here, sorry for the noise; I understand libvirt is 
not really ovirt's people concern.

The thing is qemu can do ceph rbd in EL7, libvirt does not, although support 
seems to be there and a simple rebuild enables it.
Was hoping you guys know more.


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>> Hi folks,
>> I was directed here by Sandro with the question in the $subject.
>> As I could not find anything conclusive in either bugzilla or the 7.2 release
>> notes, can someone clarify this for me?
>> At this point it's apparently as easy as rebuilding the libvirt src.rpm with
>> "with_storage_rbd 1".[1]
>> I see users migrating from CentOS to Ubuntu because this is missing, it's not
>> even in technology preview.
>> Kind of odd RH undermining their own projects in this way.
>> [1] -
>> http://blog.widodh.nl/2015/04/rebuilding-libvirt-under-centos-7-1-with-rbd-storage-pool-support/
> RHEL 7.1 supports rbd out of the box; so should be current CentOS 7.
> We do not use libvirt storage pool for ovirt, so I don't think you
> need to build anything.
> Also, we do not access rbd volumes via libvirt. When we run vms using
> rbd: volumes, libvirt
> pass the volume url to qemu, and qemu access the volume. So we may not
> need any rbd
> support in libvirt itself.
> Did you try to use ceph with ovirt 3.6 on CentOS?
> Nir
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