Le 2015-10-13 09:08, Nico a écrit : 

> Le 2015-10-12 09:17, Nico a écrit : 
> Le 2015-10-12 09:09, Barak Korren a écrit : 
> What that procedure describes is backing up an existing engine,
> installing a new one and then restoring the backed up data into it.
> This was probably written to describe migration from a stand-alone
> engine host, not an AllInOne.
> Theoretically this should work for your setup, but I am not sure if
> the new hosted engine will be able to properly use the AllInOne node
> as a hypervisor (it would probably depend on the copied configuration
> containing enough details to allow the engine to connect to it over
> the network. you will probably at the very last have to shut down the
> existing engine before starting up the hosted engine)
> I would suggest doing as many backups as you can before starting, and
> performing the H.E. setup on a host that wasn't used by the existing
> engine, that way if it fails you can just shut it down and bring your
> old engine back up.

I got a backup running at this moment, scping
/gluster/ovirt/d44ee4b0-8d36-467a-9610-c682a618b698/images/ to a third

So, once done, i'll give a shot on the node2 which is running only VDSM
as Host agent. 

Hope all will be fine ! 


My backups are done, i'm now processing the installation for having the
engine in a VM but i got the following error at the first step: 

Ok i put the node2 in maintenance and it continues but i got a new

root@devnix-virt-master02 ~]# hosted-engine --deploy
[ INFO ] Stage: Initializing
[ INFO ] Generating a temporary VNC password.
[ INFO ] Stage: Environment setup
Continuing will configure this host for serving as hypervisor and create
a VM where you have to install oVirt Engine afterwards.
Are you sure you want to continue? (Yes, No)[Yes]:
Configuration files: []
Log file:
Version: otopi-1.3.2 (otopi-1.3.2-1.el7.centos)
[ INFO ] Hardware supports virtualization
[ INFO ] Bridge ovirtmgmt already created
[ INFO ] Stage: Environment packages setup
[ INFO ] Stage: Programs detection
[ INFO ] Stage: Environment setup
[ INFO ] Stage: Environment customization


During customization use CTRL-D to abort.
Please specify the storage you would like to use (iscsi, nfs3,
Please specify the full shared storage connection path to use (example:
host:/path): ovirt01:/share_nfs
[ INFO ] Installing on first host
Please provide storage domain name. [hosted_storage]:
Local storage datacenter name is an internal name and currently will not
be shown in engine's admin UI.
Please enter local datacenter name [hosted_datacenter]:



iptables was detected on your computer, do you wish setup to configure
it? (Yes, No)[Yes]: No
Please indicate a pingable gateway IP address []:


Please specify the device to boot the VM from (cdrom, disk, pxe)
Please specify an alias for the Hosted Engine image [hosted_engine]:
The following CPU types are supported by this host:
- model_Nehalem: Intel Nehalem Family
- model_Penryn: Intel Penryn Family
- model_Conroe: Intel Conroe Family
Please specify the CPU type to be used by the VM [model_Nehalem]:
Please specify path to installation media you would like to use [None]:
[ ERROR ] Failed to execute stage 'Environment customization': [Errno 2]
No such file or directory: '/None'
[ INFO ] Stage: Clean up
[ INFO ] Generating answer file
[ INFO ] Stage: Pre-termination
[ INFO ] Stage: Termination
[root@devnix-virt-master02 ~]# 

I don't understand what is it expecting for the PATH ? i've no idea what

Could you please give me a clue ? 


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