Le 2015-10-13 09:27, Simone Tiraboschi a écrit : 

>> I don't understand what is it expecting for the PATH ? i've no idea what 
>> Could you please give me a clue ?
> You choose to create your new engine VM booting from a CDRom image so you 
> have to specify the path of that ISO image (a supported RHEL, Centos or 
> Fedora release) on your system.

 Ok i was expecting the installation to install itself the VM but now i
understand that i have to choose the OS of the VM. 

Finally, i put a Centos7 like my current nodes. 

it failed now about the passwd of the VM: 

[WARNING] Host name devnix-virt-master02 has no domain suffix
[WARNING] Failed to resolve devnix-virt-master02 using DNS, it can be
resolved only locally 


Engine FQDN : engine.distran.org
Bridge name : ovirtmgmt
SSH daemon port : 22
Gateway address :
Host name for web application : hosted_engine_1
Host ID : 1
Image alias : hosted_engine
Image size GB : 25
Storage connection : ovirt01:/share_nfs
Console type : vnc
Memory size MB : 4096
MAC address : 00:16:3e:5e:2a:85
Boot type : cdrom
Number of CPUs : 2
ISO image (for cdrom boot) :
CPU Type : model_Nehalem 

Please confirm installation settings (Yes, No)[Yes]:
[ INFO ] Stage: Transaction setup
[ INFO ] Stage: Misc configuration
[ INFO ] Stage: Package installation
[ INFO ] Stage: Misc configuration
[ INFO ] Configuring libvirt
[ INFO ] Configuring VDSM
[ INFO ] Starting vdsmd
[ INFO ] Waiting for VDSM hardware info
[ INFO ] Waiting for VDSM hardware info
[ INFO ] Creating Storage Domain
[ INFO ] Creating Storage Pool
[ INFO ] Connecting Storage Pool
[ INFO ] Verifying sanlock lockspace initialization
[ INFO ] Creating VM Image
[ INFO ] Disconnecting Storage Pool
[ INFO ] Start monitoring domain
[ INFO ] Configuring VM
[ INFO ] Updating hosted-engine configuration
[ INFO ] Stage: Transaction commit
[ INFO ] Stage: Closing up 

The following network ports should be opened:
An example of the required configuration for iptables can be found at:
In order to configure firewalld, copy the files from
/etc/ovirt-hosted-engine/firewalld to /etc/firewalld/services
and execute the following commands:
firewall-cmd -service hosted-console
[ INFO ] Creating VM
[ ERROR ] Failed to execute stage 'Closing up': Cannot set temporary
password for console connection. The VM may not have been created:
please check VDSM logs
[ INFO ] Stage: Clean up
[ INFO ] Generating answer file
[ INFO ] Stage: Pre-termination
[ INFO ] Stage: Termination 

what can i do ? 




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