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>>> IIUC engine-setup never fails on missing DNS resolution, only warns.
> Sorry, that was wrong. Let me sketch the flow:

[Nice writeup of the DNS test flow omitted] 

>> I may well be missing something or otherwise being bone-headed, but I am
>> getting [ Error ] messages, which it doesn’t allow me to skip.

Turns out, I was being bone-headed.

The hosts file was the problem; there were actually two errors in it. I can’t 
be sure, but think, I was actually looking at the hosts file on a different 
machine when I declared it correct, because it was correct on the other 
machines involved, and they’re named similarly enough (varying single digit) 
that my typical, default state of too many open shells probably confused me.

> May I suggest that you simply use, everywhere, both in the dns and in
> /etc/hosts,
> different names for the different addresses.

Very good advice. I corrected the errors in the hosts files and life became 
significantly better.

> And, if what you want is "Please add a flag or whatever that will allow me
> to override all this name lookup mess and just make engine-setup do what I
> say", please consider that the current behavior actually did find something
> which I personally think is unintended, so it helped you catch it now instead
> of perhaps spending much more time, during a much less comfortable situation,
> when something actually breaks due to this.

As a general rule, I do like to have a —shut-up-obey-the-human switch. But you 
are absolutely right that the installer caught an factual error, and then 
caught me making a likely coffee-related error in checking on the first. I 
don’t see any of this as requiring a feature request.

Thanks, Didi, for the extensive analysis and reply. I do greatly appreciate it.



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