I have finished the upgrade to 3.6.
I received a lot (every 3 seconds ) of the following messages in the
logs after upgrading the hosts:

 vdsm jsonrpc.JsonRpcServer ERROR Internal server error#012Traceback (most
recent call last):#012  File
"/usr/lib/python2.6/site-packages/yajsonrpc/__init__.py", line 501, in
_serveRequest#012    res = method(**params)#012  File
"/usr/share/vdsm/rpc/Bridge.py", line 291, in _dynamicMethod#012    return
self._fixupRet(className, methodName, ret)#012  File
"/usr/share/vdsm/rpc/Bridge.py", line 235, in _fixupRet#012
 self._typeFixup('return', retType, result)#012  File
"/usr/share/vdsm/rpc/Bridge.py", line 215, in _typeFixup#012    if k in
item:#012TypeError: argument of type 'NoneType' is not iterable

I restarted ovirt-ha-agent ovirt-ha-broker and vdsmd.
After I rebooted all hosts ( migrating VMS from one to another ) the
message finally disappeared.

Then I tried to set compatibility Version to 3.6, but without luck. I have
put hosted engine back in global maintenance, but I can't find out why it
fails. The message says "Error while executing action: Cannot change
Cluster Compatibility Version to higher version when there are active Hosts
with lower version.
-Please move Hosts with lower version to maintenance first."

I have installed ovirt-release36 on hosted engine and hosts.
I have updated hosted engine with engine-setup.
I ran yum update on all hosts.
What do I need to do to set compatibility version to 3.6?

And how can I enable repository for hosted engine? ( through WEB UI change
is not saved ).

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Paul Groeneweg

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