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>> OK, I understand, I would need to upgrade my Hosts to go to 3.6.
>> I think I read somewhere I can't mix EL6 and EL7 hosts in the same
>> cluster, is this true?
> You can have a mix of EL6 and EL7 hosts with 3.5 cluster compatibility in
> place.
> But you have to notice that you can do live migrations in direction EL6
> --> EL7 but not the reverse.
> SO you have to care about this for your migration strategy.
> Probably bettere to update at least two hosts to EL7 before beginning to
> place critical VMs on them.
> HIH,
> Gianluca

Opsss, perhaps I'm wro and you have to create a different cluster in the
same datacenter and progressively migrate VMs from hosts in first cluster
to hosts in second cluster.
At least so it was in 3.5.1.... did it change?

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