I have an oVirt cluster with 7 hosts.  Each host has two ethernet links
to a switch stack, bonded together, with several VLANs (including the
ovirtmgmt VLAN) on top of the bond.

Now I need to get one more VLAN trunked into the cluster, but there's a
catch: whoever set up this network initially (pre-oVirt) used the same
VLAN ID for the server network and for a network management VLAN.  These
are two different VLANs but both with the same ID.

So, my question: is it feasible to change the ovirtmgmt VLAN ID (e.g.
from 15 to 16)?  If so, what would be the impact?  Would I have to shut
down the VMs to do that?

Chris Adams <c...@cmadams.net>
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