On 17/11/2015 9:03 PM, Simone Tiraboschi wrote:
It should be automatically imported; we have an open bug about that:
We are going to fix it for 3.6.1

This doesn't really affect other VMs cause you still have to create a
second storage domain for regular VMs.
As a side effect of this bug you will not see the engine VM in the VM list.

Many thanks. It's not affecting anything as you say, just annoying. I never really understood the point of seeing the engine in the adminUI anyway, you can't perform actions with it, well you couldn't in 3.5 IIRC.

I'd like to see it hidden and controlled via hosted-engine solely. Another nice thing with hosted-engine would be a migration feature. I've noticed when I put a node into local maint, it doesn't migrate the engine, I have to shut it down then let it restart on another node.

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