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> Just an addition: your first host will be automatically added to your
> engine so you don't have to do anything special on that.
> hosted-engine on the other side, is using a dedicated storage domain for
> the engine VM and you cannot use it for other VMs so you still need to add
> a second storage domain for regular VMs.
> Take care that loopback mounting NFS could lead to deadlocks:
>  https://lwn.net/Articles/595652/
> On a single host with the storage on the same host iSCSI seams more
> reliable.
Take in mind also that in 3.6.0 there is a bug so that you don't actually
see your engine vm inside admin portal and also you cannot import it. To be
fixed in 3.6.1. See:

Also, if you plan to have a single host and you use NFS for storage domains
on your single host, you have to manually change

so that in the [Unit] section it looks like:

Description=oVirt Hosted Engine High Availability Communications Broker

otherwise ovirt-ha-broker will fail to start and you have to manually start
it after boot and nfs service has come up.

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