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> Hi,
> When creating a new data center, in oVirt 3.5 there is the options to have
> “local” or “shared” storage types.
> Is there any resource out there that explains the difference between the
> two? The official doc does not really help there.
> My current understanding is as follows:
> In shared mode, I can create data domains that are shared between hosts in
> a same data center, eg NFS, iSCSI etc.
> In lcoal mode, I can only create data domains locally, but I can “import”
> an existing iSCSI or Export domain to move VMs (with downtime) between data
> centers.

> 1. Is this correct or am I missing something here?

local means that the storage domain is local to a single host.
Using a local storage domain you loose different capabilities.

> 2. What would be the reason to go for a “local” storage type cluster?

It's just if you don't have or for any reason (single host, demo mode...)
you don't any any shared storage technologies.
It was mainly used in all-in-one mode.

> Thank you very much for helping out a newcomer :)
> Kind regards,
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> Christophe
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