[Here : oVirt 3.5.3, 3 x CentOS 7.0 hosts with replica-3 gluster SD on the hosts].

On the switchs, I have created a dedicated VLAN to isolate the glusterFS traffic, but I'm not using it yet. I was thinking of creating a dedicated IP for each node's gluster NIC, and a DNS record by the way ("my_nodes_name_GL"), but I fear using this hostname or this ip in oVirt GUI host network interface tab, leading oVirt think this is a different host.

Not being sure this fear is clearly described, let's say :
- On each node, I create a second ip+(dns record in the soa) used by gluster, plugged on the correct VLAN - in oVirt gui, in the host network setting tab, the interface will be seen, with its ip, but reverse-dns-related to a different hostname. Here, I fear oVirt might check this reverse DNS and declare this NIC belongs to another host.

I would also prefer not use a reverse pointing to the name of the host management ip, as this is evil and I'm a good guy.

On your side, how do you cope with a dedicated storage network in case of storage+compute mixed hosts?

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