Hi All,

I've done a lot of reading and lots of comparison of different hypervisors and 
tools and have decided that oVirt would be the best option. My initial use case 
is a not too new server that I will setup to run multiple development 
environments for the devs here, but I wanted something that will scale out to 
production as the vm infrastructure, hardware, etc. grows here.

I'll soon have a second server to run my vm's on and want to setup a 
self-hosted engine. I'm trying to find the most recent version of a how-to on 
the same. I found a presentation showing off how much easier it is to do this 
in oVirt 3.6 but can't find the correct docs. I seem to always end up with 3.5 
or older versions. Can someone point me at a how-to of how to best achieve 

Also, while I have you all here... :-)
Is it possible to setup the hypervisor hosts themselves as NFS servers to 
create Storage (I realize that this will play havoc with the HA). We do have an 
NFS server that we will be upgrading to add storage and faster drives, but I 
was thinking that I may be able to use the internal storage of the hypervisors 
themselves as a short term stopgap and then migrate vm's to the upgraded NFS 
server later. Will that even work, or will it break somehow?

Any advice for a new install would be welcome.

Thank you 


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