On 1-12-2015 22:59, Gervais de Montbrun wrote:
> Is it possible to setup the hypervisor hosts themselves as NFS servers
> to create Storage (I realize that this will play havoc with the HA).
> We do have an NFS server that we will be upgrading to add storage and
> faster drives, but I was thinking that I may be able to use the
> internal storage of the hypervisors themselves as a short term stopgap
> and then migrate vm's to the upgraded NFS server later. Will that even
> work, or will it break somehow?
As Nir pointed out its possible.
I'm using such a setup at home where a NAS provides NFS storage for
hosted-engine and also iso/export/data domains for VMs. Besides that I
have an NFS server on my host for VMs which need a bit of disk
throughput, its got a nice SSD in it. Moving VM disks from the SSD
storage domain to the 'slow' storage domain on the NAS and vice versa
works fine.
Problem with these kind of setups is redundancy which is ofcourse
non-existant :-)



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