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> On 1-12-2015 22:59, Gervais de Montbrun wrote:
> Is it possible to setup the hypervisor hosts themselves as NFS servers to
> create Storage (I realize that this will play havoc with the HA). We do
> have an NFS server that we will be upgrading to add storage and faster
> drives, but I was thinking that I may be able to use the internal storage
> of the hypervisors themselves as a short term stopgap and then migrate vm's
> to the upgraded NFS server later. Will that even work, or will it break
> somehow?
> As Nir pointed out its possible.
> I'm using such a setup at home where a NAS provides NFS storage for
> hosted-engine and also iso/export/data domains for VMs. Besides that I have
> an NFS server on my host for VMs which need a bit of disk throughput, its
> got a nice SSD in it. Moving VM disks from the SSD storage domain to the
> 'slow' storage domain on the NAS and vice versa works fine.
> Problem with these kind of setups is redundancy which is ofcourse
> non-existant :-)
Take care that up to and including RHEL 7 mounting exports provided by the
localhost NFS-server can lead to deadlocks so it's not a recommended choice.
A loopback iSCSI target should be more reliable on this side.

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