We're running oVirt 3.5 in a two node setup.  We've had some storage issues
and getting it humming with Gluster but this seems to have all of that
squared away.  Our problem is peculiar and I wanted to ask the list to see
if anyone else has had this.  In short you can migrate a VM from one host
to the other  but once there it can not return to it's original host.
We attempted a few things yesterday and with testing today I'll attach logs

** Environment
Hosts name -

VMs name -

This is a hosted-enginge configuration but all seems to be working well.
Even the hosted-engine shows this behavior but I'm focusing on Server 1 and
2; not the engine as I believe it complicates the tests.

* Both nodes are operational with no power management setup
* All VMs reside within the vm_storage mount point
* At this time there is only one Network; it has the VMs and hosts.  This
will be broken up after this is resolved.
* Server1 migrates (by hand ) from Host1 to Host2 with no issues
* Server2 is powered on atop Host1 with no issues; leaving one VM on both
* I attempt to migrate Server1 back to Host1 and he states there is no
available hypervisor
* I can reboot Server2 with no issues, create a new VM on Host1
* A VM can only migrate onces, never able to return from whence it came
The only way to force this is to place Host1 in maintenance mode and
activate again. After this Server2 can return to Host1 but then is unable
to go back to Server2; being in the same cycle
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