On December 20, 2015 5:19:43 AM CET, Will Dennis <wden...@nec-labs.com> wrote:
>OK, after all the t’shooting I could think to do, out of desperation I
>put the engine VM in maint mode, then rebooted the host. When it came
>up, I can now SSH into it normally (no long delay now.) I saw two state
>email changes come in after the reboot:
>- StartState-ReinitializeFSM
>- ReinitializeFSM-LocalMaintenance
>But the engine VM never started… Do I have to do something at the host
>(issue a command) to get the engine VM to start? (Sorry if I’m
>ignorant, an oVirt noob here…)
No problem, we were all once.

Run hosted-engine --set-maintenance -mode=none

After a couple of minutes you should get mail about engine events. 

Just curious.  What specs sre your host (s) and engine vm?



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