Hi list,

finally I managed to install oVirt on my new server and so far it is really great.

The next step on my side it to migrate VMs from another server (KVM/libvirtd/virt-manager) to oVirt.
I was trying to find something in the documentation but so far no luck.

Google was pointing me to tow options:

- virt-v2v
- import-to-ovirt.pl (script from Richard WM Jones)

Currently I'm trying to migrate a Win7 VM (with VirtIO) with import_to_ovirt bzt I receive the following error message:
./import-to-ovirt.pl: no operating system was found on the disk

I'm executing the following command:
./import-to-ovirt.pl /path-to-image-file/disk.img hostname:/export-domain

Is anyone able to support me here?
As both systems are running KVM there should be a quite easy way to migrate the VMs or not?

Best regards

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