I am currently running a Ovirt 3.6 host + Hosted Engine (both Centos 7) on
an AMD based computer (AMD_HOST). I recently purchased a second server
which is running an Intel processor and want to move all the VM's + Hosted
Engine to this second server (INTEL_HOST). I was wondering what the proper
procedure to do this would be. I have attempted a few things but nothing is
successfully working. I have added and activated the INTEL_HOST through the
Hosted Engine UI but since the AMD_HOST is AMD based and the second is
Intel based I had to create a separate cluster (INTEL_CLUSTER). I can move
all VM's to this new cluster but have not figured out how to get a Hosted
Engine working on INTEL_HOST.

Attempting to force migration of the Hosted Engine to INTEL_CLUSTER fails
with the following:
Cannot migrate VM. There is no host that satisfies current scheduling
constraints. See below for details:
The host INTEL_HOST did not satisfy internal filter HA because it is not a
Hosted Engine host..

Attempting to deploy a second hosted engine also runs into errors
(hosted-engine --deploy). After downloading the answers.conf file from
AMD_HOST, setup fails because of a different process type/family. I
manually downloaded the answers.conf file and changed the processor type
but setup validation fails because the path to the hosted engine metadata
does not exist.

hosted-engine --deploy --config-append=answers.conf
 [ ERROR ] Failed to execute stage 'Setup validation': failed to read
metadata: [Errno 2] No such file or directory:
[ INFO  ] Stage: Clean up

This metadata file points to /var/run/vdsm/storage/<he_uuid>/<more
uuids...> but the he_uuid folder does not exist. I suspect this path
doesn't exist because the storage domain is mapped for AMD_CLUSTER's hosted
engine and cannot be referenced by another cluster. vdsClient does list the
storage domain info though on the INTEL_HOST.

vdsClient -s 0 getStorageDomainInfo <he_uuid>
        uuid = <he_uuid>
        version = 3
        role = Regular
        remotePath = <nfs_path>
        type = NFS
        class = Data
        pool = []
        name = hosted_storage

The next steps I was going to take was to backup the hosted engine, setting
up INTEL_HOST, and restoring the backed up hosted engine but I'm not sure
if this will work since it will be restored on a different host. The next
option was to just export all VM's, setup INTEL_HOST and a new hosted
engine from scratch, and import all VM's, though I would prefer not to have
to do this.

Does anyone have any recommendations on how to make this move? I would
simply like to move my Ovirt installation onto the INTEL_HOST. I thought I
would be able to add the second host, migrate all data over, and remove the
first host, but this procedure is getting hung up on dealing with the
hosted engine.

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