I have similar issues with all the hosts I add to oVirt. Ovirtmgmt is 
unassigned after setup while every server has a static address. 

What I can do is assign ovirtmgmt to an interface, set the static IP again, 
save it and then press the activate button on the host tab. After that all is 

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Onderwerp: [ovirt-users] Self-hosted engine: Host cannot activate

I am attempting to install oVirt 3.6 on a CentOS7 host.  it is a single server, 
so I am trying to install a self-hosted engine.  I am able to install oVirt 3.5 
self-hosted engine, but am having some problems doing it with 3.6.

Everything appears to go fine; the engine-setup completes successfully.  On the 
host, I pressed"1" to indicate engine-setup was complete, and it can connect to 
the webadmin but the host never becomes operational.

I am able to log in to the webadmin, and indeed the host is in a 
non-operational state.  When I click on the host then click on the "Virtual 
networks" tab, all my interfaces are showing a red arrow.

When I click on "Setup Host Networks", my "ovirtmgmt" network is unassigned.  
Believing this to be why my host is not operational (since it is under 
"Required"), I assigned it to my management interface, but the interfaces still 
remain red.  In addition, the "ovirtmgmt" network does have a green arrow, but 
also the icon indicating "Out of sync".  If I click on "Sync All Networks", I 
get the following error:

"Error while executing action SyncAllHostNetworks: Network is currently being 

which makes sense, since "ovirtmgmt" is assigned/in use.  I am unable to 
unassign ovirtmgmt.

Current status is this:

   - All network interfaces are showing the red "down" arrow
   - "ovirtmgmt" is assigned to my management NIC, but indicating that it is 
out of sync
   - I am unable to unassign the "ovirtmgmt" network (or at least, if I do, the 
"OK" button is greyed out)

I could destroy the engine VM and go through the setup again, with the idea of 
once it is installed and waiting for the host to become operational, I could do 
a "Sync All Networks" and see if the networks turn green and go from there.

I wanted to see what sort of insight I could get from here first.  I am not 
sure what logs would be useful to you, so let me know what you want to see and 
I and make them available (I will likely zip them up and post a link)

Something else I could try if this becomes a "puzzler" is to do a 3.5.x 
self-hosted engine then perform an in-place upgrade to 3.6 and see if that 
works?  I would rather try to help make a direct 3.6 install work, though...

Thanks, in advance! :-)


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