Hi Stefano,

It's definitely not the switch, it seems to be the latest kernel package (kernel-3.10.0-327.3.1.el7.x86_64) which stops bonding working correctly, reverting back to the previous kernel brings the network up in 802.3ad mode (4).

I know, from reading the release notes of 7.2, that there were some changes to the bonding bits in the kernel so i'm guessing maybe some defaults have changed.

I'll keep digging and post back as soon as i have something.


On 29/12/15 19:55, Stefano Danzi wrote:
Hi! I didn't solve yet. I'm still using mode 2 on bond interface. What's your switch model and firmware version?

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I am currently experiencing the same issue. 2x nic lacp config at switch, mode 4 bond at server with no connectivity. Interestingly I am able to ping the switch itself.

I haven't had time to investigate thoroughly but my first thought is an update somewhere.

Did you ever resolve and get back to mode=4?


On 17 December 2015 17:51:50 GMT+00:00, Stefano Danzi <s.da...@hawai.it> wrote:

    I partially solve the problem.

    My host machine has 2 network interfaces with a bond. The bond was
    configured with  mode=4 (802.3ad) and switch was configured in the same way.
    If I remove one network cable the network become stable. With both
    cables attached the network is instable.

    I removed the link aggregation configuration from switch and change the
    bond in mode=2 (balance-xor). Now the network are stable.
    The strange thing is that previous configuration worked fine for one
    year... since the last upgrade.

    Now ha-agent don't reboot the hosted-engine anymore, but I receive two
    emails from brocker evere 2/5 minutes.
    First a mail with "ovirt-hosted-engine state transition
    StartState-ReinitializeFSM" and after "ovirt-hosted-engine state
    transition ReinitializeFSM-EngineStarting"

    Il 17/12/2015 10.51, Stefano Danzi ha scritto:

        Hello, I have one testing host (only one host) with self
        hosted engine and 2 VM (one linux and one windows). After
        upgrade ovirt from 3.6.0 to 3.6.1 the network connection works
        discontinuously. Every 10 minutes HA agent restart hosted
        engine VM because result down. But the machine is UP, only the
        network stop to work for some minutes. I activate global
        maintenace mode to prevent engine reboot. If I ssh to the
        hosted engine sometimes the connection work and sometimes no.
        Using VNC connection to engine I see that sometime VM reach
        external network and sometimes no. If I do a tcpdump on
        phisical ethernet interface I don't see any packet when
        network on vm don't work. Same thing happens fo others two VM.
        Before the upgrade I never had network problems.
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