Hi Dan,I can't change switch settings until next week.I will post a message 
after others tests.

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Da: Dan Kenigsberg <dan...@redhat.com> 
Data: 31/12/2015  09:44  (GMT+01:00) 
A: Stefano Danzi <s.da...@hawai.it> 
Cc: Jon Archer <j...@rosslug.org.uk>, mbur...@redhat.com, users@ovirt.org 
Oggetto: Re: [ovirt-users] R: Re: Network instability after upgrade 3.6.0 ->

I do not see anything suspecious here.

Which kernel version worked well for you?

Would it be possible to boot the machine with it, and retest bond mode
4, so that we can whole-heartedly place the blame on kernel?
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