Hi list,
I have a scenario where i want to clone production data to developer vm:s:

1. Create a snapshot from a direct LUN from a "production" vm in a ISCSI
SAN from which i take snapshots (built in functionality in the disk array.)
2. Take the snapshot and attach it as a direct LUN in a "developer" vm in
3. Mount it and let the developers work with the data.
4. After some time the developer says they want to refresh the data.
5. Unmont the disk and deattach it from the "developer" vm.
6. Remove it from multipath and remove the iscsi sessions.
7. Repeat all previous steps when developer needs "fresh" data.

I have succeeded with most of the steps above using the ovirt API.
However step 6 is not done automatically when i remove the direct LUN from
If i don't do this step manually i end up with a syslog with error messages
from multipath and stale iscsi session which potentially can make ovirt
storage fail.

Here is my questions:

Does anybod know:

- Why is:nt there an API and a button in webui to remove the multipath maps
and iscsi sessions?

- Does anybody here has a suggestion of how to do step 6 from a script? (a
hook maybe?)

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