First I created a bonding interface:

# add nic --parent-host-name server01 --name bond0 --network-name VLAN602 
--bonding-slaves-host_nic host_nic.name=eno1 --bonding-slaves-host_nic 

This works great but no IP is set on VLAN602.

Then I'm trying to add an ip address to a network with the following command:

# update hostnic --parent-host-name server01 --network-name VLAN602 
--boot_protocol static --ip-address --ip-netmask

       wrong number of arguments, try 'help update' for help.

Looking at this document 
 I need to use "nic" instead of "hostnic" but then I don't have the options to 
say this is a --parent-host-name. Only VM related command options.

So I think the documentation is behind.

Can somebody help me with what the command is to add a IP to a VLAN/Network for 
a host?

Kind regards,

Jurriën Bloemen

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