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> I don't think we have a option like this. Michal?
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> On Mon, Feb 1, 2016 at 5:16 AM, zhukaijie 
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> Hello, now I have defined a custom property named 'A' in oVirt Engine. 
> Administrator is responsible for entering the value (and arbitrary string ) 
> of 'A' before starting the VM. After an users trys to start the VM in oVirt, 
> VDSM will add the value of 'A' in the qemu:arg of libvirt domain xml, so that 
> the value of 'A' will be added into the QEMU Cmd as a param. However, just 
> like the password of VNC or SPICE, I want to hide the value of 'A' in '*' 
> format in both Libvirt domain xml and QEMU Cmd, So could you please tell me 
> how to achieve it? Thank you very much and happy 2016.
> No, I don’t think you would be able to make libvirt and qemu to hide it. 
> Unfortunately it would be exposed…for log files you are protected by file 
> access permissions, but if there is anything sensitive on the command line 
> and you have a user who can get a shell on that machine one can always see 
> that in process listing
> do you perhaps need to pass some secret to a VM? Might be better via payload, 
> it can be accessed in the guest as a file then.
> Thanks,
> michal
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> Thank you. But there is still a doubt for me. In vdsm/graphics.py, function 
> _setPasswd uses "*****" format to hide the true password of VNC and SPICE if 
> disableticketing feature is not used. So later how can Libvirt translates the 
> "*****" format into true password? Thank you.

for password field it’s an exception and it’s explicitly logged with *. of 
course the proper secret password is supplied to libvirt. 
But as a generic field elsewhere …they are not getting hidden….all the 
parameters would look like ***** which is not helpful:)

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