So, I have what I think should be a standard setup where I have
dedicated NICs (to be bonded via LACP for storage) and well are NICs
for various VLANS, etc.

As typical, I have the main system interfaces for the usual system IPs
(em1 in this case).

A couple of observations (and a "chicken and the egg problem"):

#1.  The RHEV-H/Ovirt-Node interface doesn't allow you to configure
more than one interface.  Why is this?

#2.  This prevents me from bringing up an interface for access to my
Netapp SAN (which I keep on separate networking/VLANs for
best-practices purposes)

If I'm unable to bring up a regular system interface AND an interface
for my storage, then how am I going to be able to install a RHEV-M
(engine) hosted-engine VM since I would be either unable to have an
interface for this VM's IP AND be able to connect to my storage

In short, I'm confused.  I see this as a very standard enterprise
setup so I feel like I must be missing something obvious.  If someone
could educate me, I'd really appreciate it.

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