So,  I'm attempting to understand something fully.  My setup might not
be ideal, so please provide me whatever education I may need.


Quick background:

I have (3) RHEV-H (ovirt node) Hypervisors with a hosted-engine.  VM
Migrations currently are not working and I have the following errors
in the vdsm.log:

"[RHEV]Failed to migrate VM between hypervisor with error "gaierror:
[Errno -2] Name or service not known" in vdsm.log"

Reading the RedHat article leads me to believe that this is a name
resolution issue (for the FQDNs), but that leads to another question
which I'll get to.  First, a little more about the setup:

I have separate IP networks for Management (ovirtmgmt), Storage, and
VM Migration.  These are all on unique IP ranges.  I'll make up some
for my purposes here:

MGMT_VLAN: 10.25.250.x/24
STORAGE_VLAN: 10.26.3.x/24
MIGRATE_VLAN: 10.26.5.x/24

In anticipation for setting all of this up, I assigned hostnames/IPs
for each role on each node/hypervisor, like so:

vnode01-sto (storage)


etc., etc.

So, I'm trying to understand what my best procedure for setting up a
separate migration network and what IP/hostname settings are necessary
to ensure that this works properly and wouldn't affect other things.

I'm going to do some more reading right now, but at least I feel like
I'm on the right path to getting migrations working.

Please help lol

Thanks as always,

-- Chris
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