Dear all,

I have a problem since couple of weeks, where randomly 1 VM (not always the 
same) becomes completely unresponsive.
We find this out because our Icinga server complains that host is down.

Upon inspection, we find we can’t open a console to the VM, nor can we login.

In oVirt engine, the VM looks like “up”. The only weird thing is that RAM usage 
shows 0% and CPU usage shows 100% or 75% depending on number of cores.
The only way to recover is to force shutdown the VM via 2-times shutdown from 
the engine.

Could you please help me to start debugging this?
I can provide any logs, but I’m not sure which ones, because I couldn’t see 
anything with ERROR in the vdsm logs on the host.

The host is running 

OS Version:             RHEL - 7 - 1.1503.el7.centos.2.8
Kernel Version: 3.10.0 - 229.14.1.el7.x86_64
KVM Version:            2.1.2 - 23.el7_1.8.1
LIBVIRT Version:        libvirt-1.2.8-16.el7_1.4
VDSM Version:   vdsm-4.16.26-0.el7.centos
SPICE Version:  0.12.4 - 9.el7_1.3
GlusterFS Version:      glusterfs-3.7.5-1.el7

We use a locally exported gluster as storage domain (eg, storage is on the same 
machine exposed via gluster). No replica.
We run around 50 VMs on that host.

Thank you for your help in this,


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