The IP of the VM should be reported to the management via the guest agent.
Is this what you are looking for?

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On Wed, Mar 2, 2016 at 6:18 AM, Simon Lévesuqe <> wrote:

> From a windows guest (can be useful for linux guest as well), is it
> possible to get the IP of the spice client connected to console?
> I setup oVirt for a VDI. The users use thin clients that PXE boot using
> LTSP. I need the client IP to offer remote support via VNC. Now, I use
> epoptes as remote support tool, its an excellent peace of software but I
> need technicians from other branch of the company to be able to offer
> remote support to my users and they are all Windows guy ans don't want to
> connect to the LTSP server to start epoptes... They already use VNC to
> support Wyse type clients so I installed x11vnc on my clients chroot and
> setup it to start at boot. I know this is a security issue but this is the
> boss decision.
> Some client log to terminal servers using xfreerdp (LTSP clients boot
> directly to xfreerdp). In that case, everything is ok, we setup bginfo to
> print the client name and ip as they are windows environment variables.
> The problem is that many other clients boot to the oVirt user portal and
> users log to Windows 7 vm using Virt-Viewer and Spice. In bginfo, the only
> thing i can get is the IP of the Windows guest. It's ok, for most cases we
> can take control of the guest ant it do the trick but sometimes it's useful
> to vnc the thin itself.
> Thanks!
> Simon L
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