Hi Everyone,

This doesn't seem to be a bug in oVirt so much as in the libvirt/virt-v2v tool it uses for importing, but I figured someone here might have run into this issue before. I'm trying to import some VMs from my VMWare cluster and it's failing with a "file not found" when trying to download the disk images. I have files in the datastore like:

systest-55-000001-delta.vmdk    4G
systest-55-000001.vmdk  1K
systest-55-Snapshot1.vmsn    4G
systest-55-flat.vmdk 40G
systest-55.vmdk   1K
... bunch more small .vm?? files

For some reason virt-v2v is trying to download a file called systest-55-000001-flat.vmdk which doesn't exist. I'm assuming this has something to do with the snapshots stored in the folder... Does anyone know a way to deal with that? Can I just delete the snapshots or is that going to delete data stored on the VM since the last snapshot? I'm using virt-v2v 1.28.1 if that makes a difference.

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