Good evening everyone,
I am Marco from Germany and I currently setup a oVirt environment in our
data center. The current environment are 1 dedicated engine and 6 oVirt

I have three questions which I didnt get answered very well during my
research in the WWW during the last days.

So it would be very helpfull if someone of you can support me.

We are using the cluster for normal VM usage and for VDI desktop
virtualization with the Spice protocol.

1. Question
We are using a spice proxy because we have some VMs reachable via the
Engine and Spice external. Since we are using the proxy some users are
observing some disconnects of the USB redirection and sometimes mouse and
keyboard are not working in the session so that we have to restart the
console. Are there some of you also using a proxy and may had the same
behaviour and a workaround or fix for this?

2. Question
We want to use the Spice foldersharing function but it is always greyed and
not usable for us. I dont find anything in the web about the function in
the Remote viewer. What is necessary to use it? (Linux and Windows clients)

3. Question
The last question is about future usage of the cluster for VMs running
Windows10 (and other microsoft distributions of this generation like
Server2012 etc). Is there a way getting the spice video drivers working
with this operating systems? The official statement I always read is that
there is no official driver at the moment available.

thanks a lot and best wishes from Cologne in Germany
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