I am teaching IT subjects in TAFE (a kind of post-secondary technical
college) in Australia.

We are currently looking for a virtualisation platform that will allow
students to install and manage VMs via web interface.

VMware is being proposed but I am trying to get KVM and the RedHat
ecosystem in the lab as much as possible.

I have reasonable experience with running virt manager on CentOS 7, but
oVirt is new. I have it installed and running OK but am not sure how to
proceed with configuration.

I basically want to run a single physical server which will be the KVM
host, the ISO and data store, and the home of oVirt engine ... in other
words a complete oVirt-managed KVM virtualisation platform running on one
physical machine (32GB RAM). It will only ever need to run a handful of VMs
with little or no real data or load. Is this possible/feasible?

If possible/feasible, where should oVirt engine go ... on the host itself,
or into a VM guest?

The web interface is what is making oVirt an attractive option at this
stage, as students will be working from Windows clients on a corporate
network. Do VM GUI display well in the browser?

Thanks for any advice

Mike Hall
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