Thanks for the response.

I did see that page and certainly agree with the point under "Benefit to
oVirt" heading:

"This operational mode will attract users already familiar with it from
other virt platforms."

I'm happy building headless servers using CLI over SSH, but my colleague
and students aren't and need a "nice" point and click web interface which
will display a usable VM desktop etc. My colleague is most familiar with

But the project doesn't look ready to go and I can't find a download.
Also, an implementation that isn't stable and fully functional will
probably do more damage than good as far as open source's rep in our lab

I know this isn't a use case that oVirt or RedHat are really interested in,
but I feel it is important to expose students to real world production
software and systems as much as possible ... all we had to work with last
year was VirtualBox running on Windows 7!


On Thu, Apr 14, 2016 at 11:37 AM, Yair Zaslavsky <>

> As far as I remember, oVirt does come with an all in one configuration ,
> but looks like it was deprecated at 3.6, So can you try out the self hosted
> engine?
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> *Subject: *[ovirt-users] Educational use case question
> Hi
> I am teaching IT subjects in TAFE (a kind of post-secondary technical
> college) in Australia.
> We are currently looking for a virtualisation platform that will allow
> students to install and manage VMs via web interface.
> VMware is being proposed but I am trying to get KVM and the RedHat
> ecosystem in the lab as much as possible.
> I have reasonable experience with running virt manager on CentOS 7, but
> oVirt is new. I have it installed and running OK but am not sure how to
> proceed with configuration.
> I basically want to run a single physical server which will be the KVM
> host, the ISO and data store, and the home of oVirt engine ... in other
> words a complete oVirt-managed KVM virtualisation platform running on one
> physical machine (32GB RAM). It will only ever need to run a handful of VMs
> with little or no real data or load. Is this possible/feasible?
> If possible/feasible, where should oVirt engine go ... on the host itself,
> or into a VM guest?
> The web interface is what is making oVirt an attractive option at this
> stage, as students will be working from Windows clients on a corporate
> network. Do VM GUI display well in the browser?
> Thanks for any advice
> Mike Hall
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