Hi Nick,

Try running "ls -l /rhev/data-center/00000001-0001-0001-0001-00000000037d/88dfff37-4ad5-446c-a957-1cf67829c9a6/images/da93350c-8926-42bf-99fa-8a7aca043fcd/22e7803d-e266-4e3e-ae34-0181f8acef8b" and check the ownership of the file. It should be owned by vdsm:kvm (or user and group 36:36 I think) Another thing to check would be that the parent directories are accessible. Try running "sudo -s /bin/bash vdsm" and then "cd /rhev/data-center/00000001-0001-0001-0001-00000000037d/88dfff37-4ad5-446c-a957-1cf67829c9a6/images" to make sure you can access all the parent folders. If you can, try creating a temp file ("echo hello >hello") in that same directory to make sure that the iSCSI mount hasn't gone read only.

If none of that helps, I'd say take a look at the output of vgdisplay to make sure that the volume group still has free physical extents (Free PE/Size near the bottom) If you are using thin provisioning that might be an issue.

This is all based on the issue being disk permission errors. It might be an error with the libvirt authentication, but I have no idea how to diagnose that.

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Date: Mon, 18 Apr 2016 10:32:40 +0200
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Subject: [ovirt-users] any virtual machine does not start
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I have a problem with ovirt 3.6.
When I click on the button "run" to start vm, it not start and terminate

This is the error in the admin portale:

VM ubuexp is down with error. Exit message: internal error: process
exited while connecting to monitor: 2016-04-18T08:18:22.499782Z
qemu-kvm: -drive
Could not open
Permission denied

My ovirt installation is composed of thefollowing:

- 1 manager (virtualized)
- 1 host
- storage iscsi

Everything seems to work well from the web administration portal, but
all vm do not start.

I attach a log file.

Please help me!


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