Hi all,
I have a problem deleting a template from admin portal.
In file /var/log/vdsm/vdsm.log (on SPM hypervisor) I got:

jsonrpc.Executor/4::ERROR::2016-04-27 10:19:57,122::hsm::1518::Storage.HSM::(deleteImage) Empty or not found image <disk uuid> in SD <storage domain UUID> [...]

Looking in the (data) storage domain the disk with that UUID doesn't exists.
It seems I reached an inconsistent state between engine database and images on disk.

Is there a (safe) way to rebuild a consistent situation? Maybe deleting entries from database?

My setup is based:
manager RHEV 3.5.8-0.1.el6ev
hypervisors: RHEV Hypervisor - 7.2 - 20160328.0.el7ev

Thanx in advance,

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