In earlier versions, host maintenance did not stop gluster related services. With 3.6, when putting a host to maintenance there's an option to also stop all gluster related services.
Use this option to shutdown your gluster services from oVirt.

On 04/28/2016 08:32 PM, Edward Clay wrote:
Hello,  I have a 2 node replicated glusterfs storage cluster configured
that shows up under storage.  I need to take both of these glusterfs
nodes down to perform some hardware upgrades.  I'm wondering if I need
to put this storage into maintenance mode or if putting each host into
maintenance mode is good enough?  The reason I'm asking is the last
time I took one of these glusterfs servers down leaving the other up we
ended up in a split brain state that I'm trying to avoid.  Once the
hardware upgrade has been performed I will be adding a 3rd brick/node
to this config which should make things a bit happier.

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