Can you please attach the engine and vdsm logs?


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> In the past we had a 3.4 and a 3.5 ovirt.  I was able to attach an Export
> domain to one, export Templates and/or VMs... put in into Maint mode,
> Detach it from the datacenter, go to the other ovirt manager, import the
> Domain (sometimes forcing an attach, sometimes it would automatically
> attach) and import my VM and/or template.  Afterwards, placing it back
> into Maint mode and Dettaching.
> Often times there would be a residual icon left under Storage for the
> detached item... and the process was fairly repeatable.
> Now, it's getting repeatable in a bad way.  Now it won't import, I have to
> manually do two table record deletes and a REST call to remove the
> connected storage and then and only then can I successfully import.
> psql db mods look like (from the ovirt manage box):
> First to find erroneous data:
> select * from storage_domain_static where storage_domain_type = 3;
> Then we locate the offending uuid (see full one below on the REST call)
> and delete the record our of storage_domain_dynamic and static like so:
> engine=# delete from storage_domain_dynamic where id =
> '9f00c1d9-3f2a-41b9-80c3-344900622b07';
> engine=# select
> Deletestorage_domain_static('9f00c1d9-3f2a-41b9-80c3-344900622b07');
> Folks here talked about the latter command, but it would fail if the
> reference in the storage_domain_dynamic table wasn't removed first.
> Rest call looks something like this:
> curl -v -u "admin@internal:ourpassword" -X DELETE
> https://ovirt.example.com/ovirt-engine/api/storageconnections/9f00c1d9-3f2a-41b9-80c3-344900622b07
> Any ideas about what is not apparently broken on our site?
> Is there any other way to do export/import across datacenters?
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