I have in production the scenery something similar to what you've described.
The "enabling factor" is represented by an "storage virtualization" set of 
appliances, that maintain mirrored logical volume over fc physical volumes 
across two distinct datacenters, while giving rw simultaneus access to cluster 
hypervisors split between datacenters, that run the VMs.

So: cluster also is spread across dc, no need to import nothing.


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Is it possible to have a shared Storage domain between 2 Datacenter in oVirt?
We do replicate a FC Volume between 2 datacenter using FC SAN storage 
technology and we have an oVirt cluster on each site defined in separate DCs. 
The idea behind this is to setup a DR site and also balance the load between 
each site.
What happens if I do import a storage domain already active in one DC, will it 
break the Storage domain?

Thanks for any information..
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