Same problem here, when i'm trying to convert snapshot to vm.

2016-05-05 10:58:59,065 ERROR [org.ovirt.engine.ui.frontend.server.gwt.OvirtRemoteLoggingService] (default task-19) []
Permutation name: 56114F8548175924C03C3BC67436871E
2016-05-05 10:58:59,066 ERROR [org.ovirt.engine.ui.frontend.server.gwt.OvirtRemoteLoggingService] (default task-19) [] Uncaught exception: : Exception caught: (TypeError)
 __gwt$exception: <skipped>: d is undefined
at Source) at Source) at Unknown.i3(Unknown Source) at Unknown.l3(U nknown Source) at Unknown.v2(Unknown Source) at Unknown.Im(Unknown Source) at Unknown.Sm(Unknown Source) at Unkn own.j$(Unknown Source) at Unknown.Km(Unknown Source) at Unknown.S6e(Unknown Source) at Unknown.UMe(Unknown Source) at Unknown.vXe(Unknown Source) at Unknown.vZe(Unknown Source) at Unknown.Yt(Unknown Source) at S ource) at Unknown._t/<(Unknown Source) at Source) at Unknown.w6e(Unknown Source) at Unknown.Sof( Unknown Source) at Unknown.S6e(Unknown Source) at Unknown.UMe(Unknown Source) at Unknown.vXe(Unknown Source) at Unkn own.uXe(Unknown Source) at Unknown.tZe(Unknown Source) at Unknown.Yt(Unknown Source) at Source) at Unknown._t/<(Unknown Source) at Unknown.anonymous(Unknown Source)Caused by:
criptException: (TypeError)
 __gwt$exception: <skipped>: d is undefined
at Unknown.GMq(Unknown Source) at Unknown.Bbq(Unknown Source) at Unknown.pNr(Unknown Source) at Unknown.lro( Unknown Source) at Unknown.Cyr(Unknown Source) at Unknown.nzr(Unknown Source) at Unknown.Eol(Unknown Source) at Unkn own.Zll(Unknown Source) at Unknown.hml(Unknown Source) at Unknown.jkl(Unknown Source) at Unknown.E$(Unknown Source)
 at Unknown.d$(Unknown Source)  at Unknown.F2(Unknown Source) ... 24 more



On 05/08/2016 05:08 AM, Richard Chan wrote:
Hello list, I hope you can help with a UI exception from New VM from Template.

1. User (PowerUser) is able to create New VMs manually
2. New VM from template gives a UI exception:

__gwt$exception: <skipped>: Cannot read property 'f' of undefined

2016-05-08 11:04:50,875 ERROR [org.ovirt.engine.ui.frontend.server.gwt.OvirtRemoteLoggingService] (default task-28) [] Permutation name: 56114F8548175924C03C3BC67436871E 2016-05-08 11:04:50,875 ERROR [org.ovirt.engine.ui.frontend.server.gwt.OvirtRemoteLoggingService] (default task-28) [] Uncaught exception: : (TypeError)
 __gwt$exception: <skipped>: f is undefined
at$updateImageToDestinationDomainMap( at$getImageToDestinationDomainMap( at org.ovirt.engine.ui.uicommonweb.models.templates.VmBaseListModel.$saveNewVm( at org.ovirt.engine.ui.uicommonweb.models.templates.VmBaseListModel.$onSaveVM( at org.ovirt.engine.ui.uicommonweb.models.templates.VmBaseListModel$6.onSuccess( at org.ovirt.engine.ui.frontend.Frontend$2.$onSuccess( [frontend.jar:]

Richard Chan

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