I'm fairly new to oVirt (coming from ProxMox) and trying to wrap my head
around the mixed (local/NAS) data domain options that are available.

I'm trying to configure a set of systems to have local storage, as their
primary data storage domain, though also want to have the ability to have a
NAS based data domain for guests that are 'mobile' between hosts.
Currently I'm able to do one or the other, but not both (so it seems).

When I put all of the systems in to a single cluster (or single
data-center) I'm able to have the shared data domain, though have only
found the ability to configure one system for local storage (not all of
them).   When I split them out in to separate data centers, they all have
their local data domain working, but only a single dc is able to access the
shared data domain at a time.

Am I missing something along the way (probably fairly obvious) that does
exactly what I'm outlining, or is this functionality not available by

Any assistance/guidance is greatly appreciated.
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