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As described onĀ http://old.ovirt.org/Features/IsolatedNetworks,
Isolated networks in one of proposed features of oVirt 4.0:

"The current host networking api (up to ovirt-engine-3.6) requires a
network to be configured on top of a network interface.

In order to configure a local network on the host the user had to
create a dummy interface to which the network was attached.

The Isolated Networks feature aimed to configure a local host on the 
network which isn't connected to any network interface and allows vms 
which are connected to it to communicate with each other.

Isolated Networks will be limited to VM networks only and only MTU 
should be relevant in that network definition for the created isolated 


Hence, I should be able to create a host-only network with an
underlaying NIC; sounds nice for my @home Cloud...

However, runing oVirt 4.0 it is still complaining a NIC is misssing. I
might have configured something wrong. How to set create an isolated
network? Is there already any documentation?

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